Theresa Beverley

Social Media Strategist

Beverley Theresa is the owner of Throwdown Social Media and helps businesses win at social media marketing through consulting, training, online learning, and speaking engagements. Her hands-on experience has led her to work directly with clients such as Rogers Communications and the United Nations Association. Beverley is also a published author in Search Engine Journal’s How to Dominate Social Media: A Complete Strategy Guide.

With over a decade in the social media industry, she is a regular guest on podcasts, web series, and a crowd favorite featured speaker at conferences. Audiences love Beverley's humor, sass, authentic viewpoint, and real-life examples that clearly illustrate strategies and tactics to help businesses improve their social media marketing.

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Speaker Topics

The Dark Side of Social Media Marketing

Explore the unethical practices in social media marketing, from fake followers to misleading ads. Beverley shares real-world examples and teaches businesses how to identify and avoid these pitfalls while maintaining integrity in their marketing strategies.

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Social Media Strategies for Nonprofits and B2Bs

Tailored specifically for nonprofits and B2B organizations, this session covers effective social media strategies that drive engagement and results. Beverley highlights best practices, common mistakes, and case studies to illustrate successful campaigns.

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Building an Inclusive Social Media Presence: Basics of EDI/DEI Content

Learn how to create and share content that promotes equity, diversity, and inclusion. Beverley provides practical tips for integrating EDI/DEI principles into your social media strategy, ensuring your content resonates with a diverse audience.

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Mastering LinkedIn Company Page Marketing

Dive into the specifics of optimizing and managing LinkedIn Company Pages to maximize visibility and engagement. Beverley covers everything from setting up your page to advanced tactics for building a strong professional presence and generating leads on LinkedIn.

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